Fiat 500 X: Compact Crossover Produced At Mirafiori

Fiat 500 X Fiat 500 X: Compact Crossover Produced At Mirafiori

After many protests fueled fears (well justified) loss of jobs by workers of the historic Mirafiori plant, comes the confirmation of the plan for revitalizing the plant: assembly line will be built in Piedmont the new Fiat 500X or a compact crossover that will replace the now dated Fiat Sedici.

How was the Fiat 500L, in the new Fiat 500 X the final letter of the name has a meaning: specifically means ‘cross, that is to emphasize the nature of the car off-road. But let’s talk a little ‘of what should be the characteristics of the sixth version of the small Turin, which will add to the sedan, the convertible (including two Abarth versions) and 500L.

At the moment we have only limited information, all the result of rumors: the external dimensions should point out, in principle, that of Fiat 500L, or just over 4.10 meters in length and about 1 meter and 80 centimeters in width. What is easy to imagine that Fiat 500X will be a sort of answer to all Italian Mini Countryman.

Aesthetically speaking, the references to the original 500, which is the sedan for sale since 2007, will be quite obvious: the similarity between the two cars should be greater than it is with the 500L. The interior color schemes will be proposed for a little chic and attention to detail for a slightly above average.

At a mechanical level, the new Fiat 500X will be proposed that all-wheel drive with front wheel drive, just as they do today for the Sixteen. The engines, however, will be taken by the wide range of group Fiat: the petrol engines will probably be the 1.4 turbo 120/130 hp (do not know if the TwinAir is also proposed, given the mass of the car), the diesel will probably 1.6 Multijet and 2.0-liter Multijet.

The car that will save Mirafiori

According to early rumors, Fiat 500X will be built at Mirafiori, as we mentioned earlier. With an investment of around one billion euros, Fiat is preparing the new assembly lines that from December 2013 will be able to produce the new Italian crossover. With a production capacity of about 280,000 cars per year, will also approve Mirafiori car of the 500X to the Jeep brand, which will be exported around the world. It will be the smallest SUV in the list of the American home, but also the first car brand to be built on a platform built in Italy and Italian. In this way the project continues Factory Italy, plans to increase car production in our country: the old Fiat Sedici, in fact, Fiat 500 X was produced in the factory Suzuki in Hungary (note that the Suzuki SX4 and the Sedici and twins are being shared).

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